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Why use the Double Glazing Advice Centre?

Many double glazing firms have a poor reputation with reports of rogue traders, aggressive sales, poor standards of workmanship and companies going out of business without completing the job.

Often consumers have no way to complain and no one to complain to. That is why the Double Glazing Advice Centre is trying to clean up the industry and its reputation. The industry has many trade bodies but unfortunately offer little protection to the customer.

The Double Glazing Advice Centre is here to offer real consumer protection with a new scheme that gets rid of those rogue traders and only recommends companies that honest, competent, closely vetted by ourself and also have disclosure coverage for protecting the vulnerable in today’s society.

So if you decide to purchase double glazing, for your own peace of mind make sure you use the Double Glazing Advice Centre to keep those Rogue Traders away from your door.

The importance of a guarantee

To insure our standards are met and under our scheme we offer peace of mind by insuring protection of any deposit as long as it does not meet or exceed 20% Of the contract value, a 10 year guarantee of the work that the selected contractor does for you and an insurance policy that underwrites the guarantee if the contractor selected does go out of business.

We also offer free access to professional mediators, independent inspectors and a legally binding arbitration process.

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