Why you should always put your trust in a vetted installer

We had contact from a customer this week.  Heather was excited about getting new glazing fitted to her semi-detached house and extension.  She had contacted an installer that was found through an advert online.  After agreeing a price and giving go-ahead, the installer created a nightmare situation for Heather.  Whilst fitting double-glazed doors to the extension, the work was done so badly, that the walls were damaged and part of the roof collapsed!  After “throwing away £6,000” and getting urgent remedial works done so the extension is watertight and secure, Heather approached the Double Glazing Advice Centre for help, knowing that she’ll have to pay again to get the job done properly.

Situations like this make us really angry with the industry sometimes and simply emphasises the critical importance of engaging with an installer that can be trusted.  Using our vetted installer service, you can instantly remove the worry, knowing that all installers that we use, are not paid fully until work is inspected by one of our surveyors.  Only then is final payment made.

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