Double Glazing Advice Centre update: How we’re working to keep getting you vetted quotations

At the Double Glazing Advice Centre, we appreciate that things are very different now and everyone is more nervous about having visitors in their home. We have devised a system which enables you to obtain up to 6 vetted quotes without the need for a salesperson in your house.  Simply upload photos of your windows on our website or arrange for our surveyor to do a drive-by survey without entering your home.

Once we’ve verified the styles and any specific requirements, we’ll gather quotes from our vetted installers and present them to you for review.

If you place an order, then your chosen installer will schedule a suitable date and talk you through the necessary safety procedures for installation…. all of this in line with current government legislation and guidelines.

Remember, many companies may not survive through these turbulent economic times.  Using the Double Glazing Advice Centre, we’re behind you all the way, and will ensure that we are minimising any risks of this happening through using our vetted installers that we have researched and worked with for many years. Some of our installers are Trading Standards recommended.

Get in contact with us today to find out more or get a quotation.