Be careful when buying windows after lockdown

It’s been great to be out and about again, visiting customers (where appropriate and following safety guidelines) and getting vetted quotes for window clients. As we emerge from lockdown, some installers may not have survived or will struggle to keep trading.  It’s more important than ever to ensure you select a stable and reliable installer.  All the installers that the Double Glazing Advice Centre use, are fully vetted and your money safe when you invest in new windows.

We’ve been reading an interesting article on the Which website which gives an insight into some of the tricks used by double glazing sales people when they visit your home. (you can read the full article here:

The most common tactic is to quote an inflated price to you, then offer a discount to you later in the conversation.  This makes you think that you’re getting a real bargain but can be confusing if you are shopping around for different quotes.  It’s very difficult to know what is a reasonable price for your double glazing.

If you’ve had a quote from any double glazing company, prior to making any decisions, why not check with the Double Glazing Advice Centre.  We’ll advise you on whether it’s a realistic, value-for-money quote and if you want, we’ll obtain a range of comparison quotes from our vetted installer companies.

We NEVER get involved with any sales tricks.  The Double Glazing Advice Centre will survey your windows then supply you with up to 6 quotes from our vetted installer companies.  The price we quote to you is the price that you would pay.

The new and safe way to purchase double glazing!  Find out what some of our customers have said about our service: